Week of July 22nd

Oh, hi!

We went on vacation this week.

Here I am sitting with Daddy at the airport hotel. Can you feel the brotherly love?

We iz cool, daddio.

This is my cousin Ben.

Ben is fun!

This is my Aunt Mary.

She's fun too.

Oh, this? I'm just hanging with my Peep.

We went to the shore, I don't think we were down for the day though.

The ocean is fun!


So, um, what is this stuff? I do not know.

No, really, somebody tell me what this stuff is.

Its fun to play with though.

Fun to eat, too.

Of course, so is my lip . . .

And my foot for that matter.

I am dancing with Aunt Mary.

See, its lots of fun!

This is my Uncle Bill's evil twin brother.

He is fun too.

But we also have very important conversations . . . I don't remember about what though, I think I dozed off.

'K, love you, bye bye.