Week of July 8th

Look, Grandma Sue came to visit. She is mine, you cannot have her.

We went to the zoo. Daddy hid behind the camera.

Now Daddy is hiding behind me.

Look! It is a lion.

See, this is what a lion looks like. I think he is sleepy.

Ohhhhh . . .

Its a monkey!

Yay monkey!

Later we went on an errand. I think Daddy's hat is too big for me though. Silly Daddy.

At home I drank from a sippy cup. It was tasty.

But not as tasty as Grandma's knee.


Oh, yeah, Mommy and I went to the park. I got to play with grass.

Playing with grass is hard work.

So I was concentrating.

Now I am sleepy. Bye Bye.